The SGA president and vice president are integral in joining two important mediums, the student body and the student senate. They help to orchestrate solutions and gaining results that will help enhance the university and benefit its constituents.

Travis A. Williams and Aziza Bowser have combined their talents and perspectives to aid them in their campaign for SGA president and vice president.

“During our administration, we’d like to see and implement a more responsive SGA,” said senior senator Williams, a sophomore business administration student and candidate for SGA president.

Williams said he wants to make sure that SGA provide s solutions for the students needs, and adhere to any concerns that they have. “We need to make sure that link is strong,” said Williams, the 20-year-old from Ft. Lauderdale.

In addition to providing students with more opportunities to voice important issues, Williams and Bowser plan to tackle matters such as campus security and faculty-student relations.

They also plan to secure funding and implement plans to update current facilities like the student union, requesting that a Western Union, campus convenience store, and a bank all be placed inside the Student Union to make it easier for students to take care of important business on campus.

Williams said he and Bowser would like to make the campus more pedestrian-friendly, and provide the dormitories with more washer and dryer machines.

Bowser, the 21-year-old SGA presidential and vice presidential candidate says she just wants to make sure that the students basic needs are met, such as pencil sharpeners in the classroom and locks on bathroom doors.

“I want students that attend this university to have a happy experience while they’re here,” said the junior political science major from Gainesville. “Students who are happy here, will become happy graduates, and give back to their university.”

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