Forget reserves, ‘His Airness’ deserves to start

To say that Michael Jordan doesn’t belong on the Eastern Conference All-Star team is ridiculous.

There may be other guards such as Jalen Rose, Ricky Davis and Jordan’s teammate Jerry Stackhouse, who are averaging more points per game than “His Airness,” but there is a problem with them.

One is injured (Stackhouse) and the other two (Rose and Davis) play for teams that have a combined winning percentage of .271.

Granted, Jordan is not the leading scorer on his team, but ask any Washington Wizard who the leader of the team is, and they’ll say it’s Jordan. If one is going to complain about Jordan making the all-star team, then can someone please check to see why Vince Carter is even in Atlanta?

Carter, a starter on this year’s team, spent more time stomping in his Air Force Ones with Nelly in concert than on the court earlier this season.

The Wizards are one game out of the playoffs. The reason is not Kwame Brown, Jerry Stackhouse or Larry Hughes; it is Jordan. He keeps that young team together, and since Stackhouse went down with an injury, he has led the Wizards in almost every major statistic.

I honestly wish I could say the same about Jalen Rose and Ricky Davis.

Ricky Davis’s Cleveland squad would still not be in contention if he were to put up 50 points a night.

If Jordan were to miss a month the Wizard would go into a tailspin like they did last year.

All this talk about Michael Jordan not being worthy of his place on the All-Star team is a waste of time.

People need to spend more time watching the greatest player to ever play the game, play in his final games.

– Will Brown, 18, is a freshman broadcast journalism student from Rockledge. He is one of The Famuan’s assistant sports editors. He can be reached at