Religion: Is yours up to par?

Christianity is crumbling. There are certain aspects in Christianity that are hypocritical and counterproductive to spiritual development.

It could be because the institution is racked with scandal- namely the Catholic priesthood. Maybe it’s because we stay on our knees praying, as things get worse. Perhaps it’s because people are hungry for more than what the church can provide.

Ask yourself, what’s more important, religion or spirituality?

If your answer is spirituality, you open yourself to expand beyond your cultural programming. Are you ready? You may end up finding a truth that shatters your reality.

If you want to be sheepishly fed your beliefs, that’s understandable. You might not have the strength to handle the pain of the truth that paves the way to freedom. If you wish to cling to Christianity the way you know it, stop reading now.

What if the ancient Romans invented the Bible to control their Christian slaves? When you control someone’s mind, you don’t need to worry about his or her actions. What if you could control someone’s spirit through their beliefs about their greatest reality – God.

According to David Icke’s, The Biggest Secret, the Catholic Church, ancestor to your church, was a political invention of Rome to convince you that you were born in sin and needed the institution to go to heaven.

Thus began the history of oppression that made Christians responsible for the worst atrocities against humanity, from slavery to the H-bomb.

Christians, salvation is a personal journey that cannot be given through a church or rituals. Luke 17:20-21 states that heaven is within. You must find it for yourself, because we all die alone. Religion is worthless if it cannot change your actions and spirit.

The Church has turned Christianity into a “Pass the Courvoisier,” religion. Sunday, you get high from preaching, music, and a social atmosphere, but the high wears off.

You end up doing the same things you asked for forgiveness for last week. Forgiven or not, the damage is done!

Sadly, the church is guilty of the very things that Jesus opposed. The corruption in the temple that caused him to overturn the tables is more prevalent than ever. Jesus would speak against what The Church has become. His words would be considered heresy.

If he were to return, Christians would kill Jesus.

Theo Wilson, 21, is a senior theater student from Denver, Col. He can be reached @