Career Fair helpful to students of all majors

Contrary to popular belief, the Career Fair aims to involve students in all majors.

A common rumor is that the Career Fair serves only business, computer and information systems, pharmacy, science, math and engineering students. However, it assists all students.

The Career Expo takes place twice a year. Students must understand that all companies don’t come to both events, so if you don’t come to one, you may miss your chance.

Many students just look at the flyers and signs and assume what they need isn’t there. But how can you know if you don’t ask? Companies advertising for a graphic design student may also need a student who can write well or someone good with numbers.

Students must take that extra step to look for something that will help advance their own career, not anyone else’s.

If students really can’t find anything for their particular major, they can go to the career center and ask for help. Just because a company may not come to the Career Expo doesn’t mean they won’t be at the on campus recruitment.

On-campus recruitment begins Jan. 29,the day after the Expo,and lasts until the middle of April.

During this time, companies will come to campus to interview students.

There are many opportunities for students to advance their careers, by going to the Career Expo and asking questions.

There are, however, some pitfalls students should avoid. For instance, don’t give the recruiter your life story–that’s a no no, and a sure job loser.

And remember not to fall into the trap of “There isn’t anyone there for my major,” because there is always someone looking for you and your skills.

To polish up your skills a bit, go to the Career Center located on campus by the Grand Ballroom where they will help you learn how to dress and speak on an interview.

Good luck Rattlers!

Robyn K. Mizelle, 19, is a sophomore broadcast journalism student from Lake City. She is the assistant opinions editor and can be reached at