Soulful Songstress stands solo

Oh my where do/ How do I begin/ To answer/ The question/ I know you been wondering

The first verse to Heather Headley’s premier single “He Is” from her debut album, This is Who I Am, reflects the questions that Headley, like other new soul artists must answer. Is she just another “India Arie ” or “Erykah Badu” or does she have her own style?

Headley need not waste her time replying to these questions because her soulful, eccentric, and passionate lyrics answer for her. Her voice echoes feelings of love, freedom, peace, self-content and hope.

With songs like ” I Wish I Wasn’t”, “Four Words From a Heartbreak” and “Always Been Your Girl,” Headley tells stories of a woman who longs to give all of her love to a man who will do the same for her. Instead of preaching, her songs encourage her audience to embody and communicate love.

Besides tales of relationships, Headley includes two songs to uplift her brothers and sisters. “He Is” and “Sista Girl” aim to help others realize their potential and asks them to remain confident.

Headley’s album showcases her talent and soul with the help of some highly respected producers including Dallas Austin, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Vocal and writing appearances include R&B artists Shanice and Deborah Cox.

This is Who I Am is great choice for music fans that enjoy positive, uplifting music or for couples looking for a soundtrack to a quiet evening at home.

By: Kanya Simon