The World I Carry on My Shoulders

Life too plain, even for Jane

Thoughts too extraordinary for self

I run,

I leap,

I crawl, but

stay maintaining

in the whirlwind of

russet reality

My heart flutters, and

the truths of this world, rear

its unsightly head.

Ignorant to the true feelings of



and passion….

Or is this really love?

No one told us that it

stings like

alcohol to open


Does it get heavier than this?

I sweat, cry blood

attempting to wipe away

uncertainty with

potioned happiness

Intensely confused,

rubbished even, I ask


Am I


To Do?

The question still remains.

The world I carry on my shoulders.

Dana, Barry, Kary, Monte

them folks don’t know


Blinded by beauty, the pain

remains unnoticed.

I smile, show my teeth

through the inner regrets, and twists,

and ties, and

knots that set

in my abdomen. I question,

I wonder what they thought of me?

Wondering within,

What do I think of myself?

Yes, my strides exude

confidence, my speech

intelligence, and strength in the

the way I hold my head up high,

but the world I carry on my shoulders.

They didn’t tell me that I would have to soul


What do I search for?

I wish that

I could find it, and find peace

within this world that I

carry on my shoulders.

Goals, dreams, aspirations

cover me like cotton

wrap my mind like


Like a fiend awaiting its masters

first hit.

I wanna get these punks high

off my presence.

But you gotta start with a

base, then you gotta

stretch it,

but I can’t sweat them crack rocks.

I need steppin


I carry the world on my shoulders

Begging, aching

wanting relief, yearning a

release, but when it

ceases a new confusion awaits my mind.

Old confusion brings about a new confusion, and it

engulfs my soul and takes me back where I started

I will not give up

I cannot lose myself, but for now,

The world I carry on my shoulders.