Incubus rocks Tallahassee venue

Starting with a Richard Simon’s rendition of Adam Sandler’s “The Wedding Singer,” opening act Har Mar Superstar frightened us with his voice, his partially naked body and his saggy blue underwear. And unfortunately, that wasn’t enough.

The middle aged “rockstar wannabe” attempted to redo a Steve Wonder classic and failed terribly.

The scene felt like a small town karaoke bar. And from the hurling ice around me, it was obvious others agreed.

The crowd was agitated and ready to see Incubus.

After what seemed an eternity of listening to little known alternative/rock groups over a public announcement system, the magic began in the Leon County Civic Center.

The lights went down and a silk screen revealed serene graphic images.

Moments later, sounds fluttered the crowd’s ears and silhouettes of the band appeared through flashing lights.

The crowd went wild.

The music revealed an eclectic blend of genres.

DJ Kilmore added elements of techno and hip-hop, while guitarist Mike Einziger brought an R&B feel.

Drummer Jose Pasillas II rocked the coliseum with rhythmic beats that resembled everything from rock to pop.

Bass guitarist Dirk Lance showed his diversity by playing basic rock electric strings and ‘Asian rhapsody’ tones in a song titled “Aqueous Transmission”. Lead singer Brandon Boyd caressed the audience with his unique and alluring vocals in songs like “I Miss You,” “11:00 a.m.,” and “Mexico.”

Then he pumped up the mosh pit with hard hitters like “Nice to Know You,” “Circles” and “Certain Shade of Green”.

The motif of Incubus’ most recent album, “Morning View” is one of peace and earthiness. These concepts were conveyed in the smooth melody of the songs and the beautiful graphics displayed in the background.

The stage was set with vintage couches and pillows. The atmosphere would have been appropriate for a large coliseum or a small coffeehouse.

The “Morning View” album is extremely different from the band’s previous albums and is the band’s “most free flowing work to date,” according to

With hits like “Wish You Were Here,” “Warning” and “Nice to Know You,” Incubus has recently put themselves on top of the Billboard charts.

With their 1999 album “Make Yourself,” Incubus finally got the attention it deserved. Chart toppers like “Drive” and “Pardon Me,” helped Incubus elevate to the level of fame it enjoys today.

With smooth transitions from classic alternative rock to alternative pop ballads Incubus showed the crowd a view of morning never seen before. The lyrics were fresh and soothing and the show’ssites and sounds created moments of euphoria.