Watch your back…

Many students experience back pains from lifting heavy objects, carrying backpacks and stress. Understanding the causes, knowing the cost and seeking cures are all steps to getting rid of back pains.

Princess Davis, 20, a business administration student from Daytona Beach, said “The main causes of my back pains are from lifting heavy things and pulling muscles.”

Davis, along with other students surveyed on causes of back pains, said their back pains occur very seldom, but that when they do occur, they are intense.

LaShonda Futrell, 19, a psychology student from Fort Washington, Md., said she experiences back pain from lifting heavy items at her job. Futrell also said that instead of going to see a chiropractor for her pains, she chooses to treat her symptoms with home remedies.

According to Allyssa Ruch, an assistant at Fiorini Chiropractic Center in Tallahassee, it is not unusual for students to resort to home care instead of physician care when back pains arise.

Some students choose to avoid the chiropractor because of cost, some because of convenience and some just because they don’t like doctors’ offices, said Ruch.

As far as cost is concerned, Ruch said the prices for visits are determined according to what service is rendered.

Students are able to use insurance at most chiropractic centers and reduce the up-front cost that a doctor’s visit may bring.

Some students also avoid the doctor because they feel they can fix their own problems for little to no cost.

Futrell, said she prefers to use a heating pad to relieve her back pains. She also said the heat from the pad helps her to relax.

For those who are interested in alternative methods of back pain relief, there are several options. In addition to heating pads, there are also cold packs that can be used to relieve muscle pain. These can be used interchangeably according to personal preference.

Some students also opt for over-the-counter medicines such as aspirin for muscle relief and even prescription medicines recommended by their doctors for back pain.

It may also be beneficial to invest in instruments such as hand-held massagers, heating pads and bed wedges for sleeping adjustments, said Futrell.

These are good choices according to, an Internet site dedicated to relieving back pain, if a student experiences back pains caused by bad sleeping habits.

To learn more about causes, costs and remedies for back pains, visit: and or visit some of the local chiropractic offices in this area.