Fading through the mirrored walls of eternity

Tears are fallingAnd I can’t fathom whyIs it jealousyOr maybe hatredFor what isOr maybe for what wasn’tCharging on to the unknownDarkened abyss consuming my lightWhile waiting for that callTo be freed once moreFrom existenceAnd the burden of beliefNever did I intend to feel this wayEven though I was preparedTo let go and move onBut sometimes it’s just too much to bear aloneSo, how could I prepareWhen I never saw this coming?From above and beyond I waitFor the approach of the masked soldiersWondering and anticipatingIf today might be the dayThe last dayThe final dayFor me to be in misery over what I feelAnd what I don’t feelAnd force me to finally faceAll the things that I shouldAnd couldn’t before todayI sit on the porchOr at least in my mindEmbracing all that surrounds meLife and hopeAnd the promise of maybeAll carried on the flowing warm breezeI think that maybeJust maybeI’ve reached the point where it’s okayTo just let goBecause drowning can’t be as bad as I thought