Know your roles, ladies, gentlemen

You hear the thudding of a trunk attempting to stay shut against the heavy vibrations underneath.

You see brightly colored patches of boxer shorts underneath pants slipping further than they should in the name of fashion.

You hear the calls of, “Hey, girl!”

Any zoologist can tell you, these are all parts of the mating ritual of the FAMU male.

However, the question must be asked: When did these behaviors become acceptable and deserving of a positive response?

When I think about this, I must admit that it seems like a case of life imitating art.

If you can recall one of the many rap videos you have seen recently, then the scenario of a man pulling up in a shiny new car with music blaring and women flocking to him is not too hard to comprehend.

So, is this really the model in place for men at FAMU to catch the attention of the women on campus?

The answer is a resounding yes.

It seriously bothers me that we buy into the hype, that we are supposed to imitate the social cues created in the minds of people who continuously degrade women and regard them as mere sexual objects.

When anyone is objectified and dehumanized in the manner that women are in the social situations we are emulating, a deaf ear and blind eye should be turned in the direction of the ignoramus that professes such ideas.

For some reason, men choose to glorify the ignorance by following in their footsteps and lowering the value of women.

However, men should not be held solely responsible for this behavior. Women should own up to their role in this desecration of social etiquette.

Yes, there is a certain role that you are expected to play when you are approached.

However, ladies, if you are accosted in a manner unbefitting of you, please do not respond in a positive manner by flocking or flirting in return.

By answering, you begin to resemble a character we’re all familiar with as well: the eternally classless chickenhead.

Just by sheer probability alone, there will be some females that fit into that category. If you aren’t one of them and don’t want to be treated like one, don’t act like one.

It’s that simple.

You have got to let men know that you will not respond to their cheapened attempts to get your attention, like some dog awaiting a treat.

Of course, all Rattlers are not guilty of this behavior. However, there are enough people at this university perpetuating this kind of behavior. At times, I believe I am caught in a second-rate video in heavy rotation on BET.

If we are supposed to be here to get an education, we should behave in an educated manner in all aspects of our lives, not on a few, selected occasions. Seriously, is it that difficult to approach someone in a respectable manner – one that isn’t degrading to yourself or others?

Jason Hutchins, 18, is a freshman business administration student from Athens, Ga.