India.Arie’s ‘Voyage’ enlightens

On her “Voyage to India” she found love and happiness.

India.Arie’s sophomore album, “Voyage to India,” is a velvety wave of romantic reassurance.

In her debut album “Acoustic Soul,” she was “Ready for Love” and- from the sounds of this latest release – she’s found it.

Six of the 12 tracks are love songs (seven, including the bonus track). She describes her lover as “The Truth,” a “Beautiful Surprise,” “The One,” a “Good Man,” and a “Complicated Melody” whom she asks, “Can I Walk With You.”

Deep and moving, India.Arie’s songs have not lost any of their lyrical prowess.

Each one is deliberate and pure poetry.

In “The Truth,” she describes her loved one: “It’s almost like I knew this man from another life/Like back then maybe I was his husband and maybe he was my wife . . . If I am a reflection of him then I must be fly cause he’s light/ It shines so bright.”

Don’t be discouraged. She hasn’t abandoned the life lessons. “If he ever left me I wouldn’t even be sad no/ cause there’s a blessing in every lesson and I’m glad that I knew him at all.”

Love hasn’t hindered the flow of wisdom either. The other half of the album pumps guidance. It encourages and uplifts.

The album’s first single “Little Things,” emphasizes appreciating the little things in life, “ain’t nothing in the whole wide world like the peace that I have found/ in the little things/ in the little things/ and the joy they bring.”

In “Talk to Her” she encourages men to respect women by reminding them that “she’s somebody’s baby/she’s somebody’s sista/she’s somebody’s mama.”

She also advises all of us to “Slow Down” in track four. “Sometimes you gotta be still before you can get ahead/be still/…chaos isn’t good for your health.”

Lyrics are just a piece of this harmonious pie, with fillings made of beautiful melodies.

It sounds like she’s one with her guitar. It obeys the commands of her hands, yielding satiny smooth rhythms.

She sings just as well. Her voice is strong and solid. She delivers soulful notes. In this album she often abandons her deep tone to hit some higher notes (successfully too).

All of the ingredients combine to make a wonderful and satisfying sophomore album. It’s the kind of album that is appropriate on rainy days or during sunshine. It makes you think, reflect and feel renewed.

It sounds beautiful.

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