This is a test

LOST….The wind in my soul can,Illustrate a wholeNew world whirling on a slanted axis.Perhaps this,Mind granted access to my own nature and capered to my heart beat’s gargling green acres reaching out to savor a moment.My complex of Boxed set Components Knows it’sHome is Far off from future lessonsI connect with my reflection out of respect and,A section of my heart embarked transgressions of mythical missionsTo find what’s been typically missingTongue twisting my arm until I proceeded through a dark hallwayI saw a,Reason for my season in believing why I’m breathingCalm caves covering unclothed thoughts of hopelessnessI spoke the gist to mythical mists of pure relaxationFOUND…. Along the way A ray of light invites me to stay.I find no reason for a rhyme Why I can’t shine As bright as the sun’s solar eclipse And I’ve come to grips with it sinceBut,Still unsure of the way. So I,Left right words written on sightRealized the Third Eye Vision just mightBe the key to my invigorating inner light’s religion.WHAT NOW?Now I ignite my flame to follow the path of my pastAnd attach,A new hue to my colorful viewI assume,I will soon,Know what to doWith my self-Perception of lifeAnd its infinite intersection-I might- Riddle my reflection in sections of my sightAny suggestion other than ‘choose the right direction’?Rightâ€?.Let me know when you have an answer for this question,For now I’m guessing I’ll just fiddle with my lightAnd put the rest in The back of my soul and say goodnight.