Professionalism, attitude open doors to career

It’s time for resumes, portfolios and business suits. The Career Center presents “Career Expo 2002”

Wednesday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the Tallahassee-Leon County Civic Center, more than 200 companies and organization will be presenting students with internships, co-op and full time job positions.

Professionalism and attitude play a role in how companies view students.

At last semester’s Career Expo, Brenda Swanson, a national media manager with Best Buy Advertising, said that “enthusiasm” is a characteristic necessary in their employees.

“Usually, we look for people with a lot of enthusiasm.

Best Buy is a dynamic company, we look more for people with great personalities rather than their majors,” Swanson said.

“If we feel a person has that thrive and passion we feel we can train them for the job.”

Lisa Banks-Clark, last semester’s representative for Agilent Technologies, Inc., said that it’s impressive when students do their homework for companies they are interested in.

“It’s very good for them to know information before they come here.

If a student can come up and not ask me what does Agilent Technologies do, but tell me what Agilent Technologies does – I’m very impressed.

“To me that’s a plus and it gives the student an edge,” Clark said.

Freshman Christopher Jackson said he’s prepared for Career Expo 2002.

“I updated my resume, and I’m going to make sure that I’m dressed appropriately to make a good impression,” said Jackson, 18, a biology-pre-med student from Montgomery, Ala.

Jackson said he anticipates meeting a particular company

“I look forward to meeting with the Center of Disease Control.

They employ a lot of health professionals.”

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