TV/VCR combos explored

As technology pushes forward, the electronics industry is looking for better, more compact ways to make life easy and convenient.

TV/VCR combos (units that combine both VCRs and televisions) may seem convenient to the average consumer-but while they may appear as a one-stop shop for viewing entertainment, TV/VCR combos have drawbacks.

“TV/VCR combos always come in the shop for repair,” said Luis Melendez, owner of Lou’s T.V. in Tallahassee. “If the VCR breaks then it will affect the TV and vice versa.”

Ray Ghiglioppy, co-owner of Ray and Leo TV Service of Tallahassee, agreed.

” If the VCR is out then the TV is out.”

Darryl McCall, owner of a TV/VCR combo, said he has an ongoing problem with his unit.

“I have difficulties,” said McCall, 19, a sophomore business administration student from Madison. “I have to keep a tape in the VCR or the TV will come on in the middle of the night.”

Other factors can cause TV/VCR combos to break down.

“If the cassette is pushed too hard into the VCR, the VCR will go out immediately,” Ghiglioppy said. “The idea behind putting the cassette into the VCR is to push a little bit in the middle.

“A power [surge] can also cause the TV to break down, which results in no voltage in the unit,” Ghiglioppy said.

Melendez recommended buying a good brand VCR, instead of buying TV/VCR combos. However, if purchasing a TV/VCR combo, Melendez suggested JVC, Toshiba, Hitachi or Mitsubishi brands

For the extravagant spender, the newest television combinations are TV/DVD combos and even TV/VCR/DVD combos. Depending on brand name and model type, prices for TV/DVD combos average $320, and $500 for TV/VCR/DVD combos. Sears offers the lowest price for a TV/DVD combo at $219.88. The lowest price for a TV/VCR/DVD combo is $419.99 at Kmart.

Kmart also offers the lowest price for a TV/VCR combo at $119.88 and Target sells the lowest price for a VCR at $49.99. TV/VCR, TV/DVD and TV/VCR/DVD combos and VCRs can also be purchased at Best Buy, Sears, Wal-Mart and Circuit City, along with other electronic stores.