Farr Fashion Preview

When fresh paint from Bragg Stadium fills the air and nabbing that primo parking spot is a lottery pick, you know that fall is in full swing. The dawn of another Rattler season also means it’s time for new fashion style and attitude. This season’s trends are eclectic, including retro and the fresh new aviator and equestrian looks.

Though the cool air hasn’t hit Tallahassee, one thing is for sure: jackets are in this fall. Riding a post-9/11 bubble, designer Marc Jacobs unveiled military jackets as part of his fall collection. Along with the wool pea, bomber and biker looks, old coats and jacket designs are the talk this fall along with Donegal tweeds, lumber jackets, hooded and three-quarters length. Knitted hats and scarves of all kinds are a big accessory hit, while stitches and hems remain unfinished and sweaters are baggy.

“I think that there are certainly tons and tons of wearable things out there,” wrote Kim France in Lucky magazine. “One trend that I think refines that really clearly is the enormous sweater.”

Sports-influenced designs are also receiving a lot of play on this season’s runways. A “corduroy craving” has also found its way into the fashion world this fall.

Tina Cassidy of the Boston Globe wrote, “There’s corduroy everywhere, whether it’s a $500 pair of low-slung, baggy Dolce & Gabbana pants or a $65 jean-style jacket at the Gap.”

Though technology is getting smaller, purses this fall are huge, literally. “Accessory” is an understatement, so when you see a sister walking down the steps of Tucker Hall, think twice before cutting her off.

For all those ladies moving through the mall scene, pull on your boots. All lengths, both loud and understated are back. Over-the-knee boots are a stylish match for shorter length skirts or the cutoff shortened pants reaching just below the calf.

In regards to colors, black is definitely the dominant color this fall. Just ask Serena Williams who proudly sported a black “catsuit” at this year’s U.S. Open Tennis Tournament. Along with pink accessories and a hammering serve, Serena brought fashion bravado to the court. Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan of the Baltimore Sun wrote; “She was a Glamazon, a potent cocktail of Wonder Woman and Xena the Warrior Princess with a touch of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She was daunting, but also was sexy- in that whips-and-handcuffs kind of way.”

Color counterparts to black are the tan and brown shades, as well as the burgundies and plums.

No matter the season, a key to keep in mind is comfort.

“I want to be comfortable in what I wear,” said sophomore Brandon Monroe, who casually sported a loose Sean John tee and jean shorts. That brings us to the perennial, versatile denim. Whether you like to put comfort first or bask in the fashion spotlight, denim can be dressed up or down. With low-risers, carpenter, cargo, stretch, dirty or rinsed, the choice can be trendy or not.

So whether it’s rugged or romantic, embroidered Rocawear or platinum FUBU, vintage or trendy, make your style your own. Fashion today, after all, is about expression-and that means a style that’s free from critics’ opinions as well as cultural and regional boundaries.