Poet tree house

This place is the mind where crazy worlds meetit has a mind of its ownre mind ing us homestretching elastic imaginationsinto orgasmic gravitationtrance mute aiding verbal vibrationsinto poetic constellationsstimes of star powered stimulusstemming the startling growth of the tens of ussquaredhundreds of uscubedthousands of usALL SCREAMING AT ONCEinto a 1 dimensionaltension filled roomKABOOM!!

re: zoomlet’s do it againgrowing infinitely 10’s by 10’sour voices getting louderre: verb ing action out uslurid flashes of lyrical lucidityquantum leaping our quidditywe stretchin’ each other out like yoga sessionsthis is cathartic coded language and we unfoldin blessingsmany blessings…many blessings…many blessings…much luv

keep bringing 3 dimensional spheres of emotion and life to this flat peace of paper…”creative minds create if minds create with my mind’s creation”