Take a Journey to self-expression

By Vanessa Clarke

Minute man cures.Dismissed: Rattler-style. An inside-look at “Condomology.”These are just a few of the outrageous stories you could have found in Journey magazine last semester. The jazzy magazine that took FAMU by storm – a page-turner from cover to cover.Now, under new management, the campus’ official magazine will try to meet or beat its predecessors in the upcoming school year.Tieler Giles, editor in chief for the fall semester, says her new staff is geared up for a fresh year with provocative articles on issues ranging from terrorism and faith to love and health.”Our goal is to provide articles centered around our student demographics and interests,” Giles said. “We’re going to try as much as we can to report and discuss issues in the real world but we’re going to break them down for FAMU and how they affects us.”Since 1984, Journey has been a source of information for Rattlers. The magazine has developed over the years moving from a tabloid to modern magazine layout.Giles says students can expect the award-winning magazine to stay as good as it has been for the past two years. “We don’t want the magazine to become a table decoration,” she said. “But we want to keep it a page-turner that people pass on to others.”Although the magazine is designed to be a training ground for journalism students, Giles says anyone can write for the publication.”You don’t have to be a journalism student to contribute to Journey,” she said. “I’m sure every student on campus has something valuable to say. Cone in and let us know what you want to do. We will try our best to accommodate you.”So what can you expect from Journey Magazine this fall?”We want to provide articles that are unique and on topics people don’t usually think about,” said Giles.”I would like us to publish more editorials and columns as well as create a section called “My View” that will give rattlers a chance to let it [opinions] all out.”

Here are a few of the many awards Journey Magazine brought home last year.Southeast Journalism Conference:Best All-around Magazine – 2nd place, Best Layout – 1st place, Best Magazine Photograph – 1st placeBest Magazine Article – Honorable Mention

Society of Professional JournalistsBest Overall Magazine – 2nd placeBest Magazine Article – 2nd place