enginerring receiving the FAMAN

It has been well documented how the Engineers of FAMU are constantly “out of the loop” in recieving information about whats going on back at campus. I have been here for 3 years and i fell as though its getting worse. There needs to be some actual attempt from the FAMUAN / SGA to getting the word out to us. The only time we get info is when someone needs our vote. I propose that some type of Communications chair be implemented into SGA whose sole responsibility will be to keep those students in the know of whats going on. Also this person will be a representative of the Engineering School for recruitment as well. I have come across many students who are misinformed to the fact that we dont even have an engineering program this is because 1)they think its FSU’s and 2) no represents us. I am not sure exaclty how to go about doing this but i hope someone will read this and help me out.