Staying focused important for graduates

To all graduating seniors who cannot wait to walk across the stage in exactly 15 days-you still have that dreaded week of final exams left.

It happens every semester that some seniors are not motivated to stay focused for the last couple of days.

But it’s imperative that you do.-Your graduation depends on it!

Felecia Dix-Richardson, assistant professor in the Department of Criminal Justice, said students need to try and remain focused on their goal.

“It seems that senioritis is especially worse in the spring than in the fall and summer. Students who have slacked off in the past would approach me and explain to me about their senioritis and I would then tell them they need to get on it, ” Richardson further stated.

“I guess students are looking at graduation and they are excited about life.”

Andrew Gillum, student body president, said he is not able to lose focus.

“I have been staying very prayerful,” said the political science senior.

“In addition to serving in this current position, the presidential search is still going on. So, it is a challenge to go home and do homework, yet alone go to class,”

“I do not have the luxury of losing focus,” he said.

According to “College Students Suffering From Senioritis” on, “avoiding senioritis is far easier said than done.

Even the subconscious notion that ‘it’s almost over’ is enough to lead some college seniors to study less and party more.

It’s only natural to feel as though the war has already been won when you’ve already emerged victoriously from so many smaller academic battles over the preceding years.”

The article goes on to suggest that the best way of beating senioritis is to “simply understand, realize and accept the genuine fact that you have not graduated yet.”

Micah Zeno, a graduate student in the five-year MBA program, said, “Realistically, you are done. You’ve either been focused or you have not.”

“Although seniors are graduating, there is work that still needs to be done,” said the 22, New Orleans native.

“Something like missing a test or unexcused absences are the little things that can keep someone from walking. People may be surprised what can stop them from crossing the stage.”

Although senioritis seems to be common among senior high school students, the same rules that affect them can affect college seniors too.

According to “Senioritis Can Cheat Students’ Futures” on, “colleges and universities can rescind acceptance or scholarships if a student fails miserably his senior year.”

Students also need to know that “colleges pay attention to grades from day one of freshman year to the last day of senior year.”

So, for the seniors who seem to fall in the senioritis category, pay close attention to the tips given by

“Psyche yourself to be patient and realize that you may never have to study again in just a few short months (weeks).”

“Remind yourself that if you don’t hit the books during this last semester (maybe even harder than ever) you may be stressing over school for more than just this semester.”

Your big day will be here before you know it.