Final Remarks

FAM,I know that I am a poet, but allow me these few moments to speak freely.

While I am writing this,the clouds are rolling against the skycarrying a temporary night, pushing the sun over the horizon.I think it is about to rain.The climate is about to change.Life evolves and revolves through change.Now that I have completed this stage of my life,I think I will let those clouds push me over the horizon.

However, allow me a second to look back.

I consider the CreativeMindz a Gift from God. It was a dream that I hadbut, I never believed that it would come true.Roberto Monzon Jr. and myself started the CreativeMindz in fall `99.For three years I have been the editor of the CreativeMindz. The CreativeMindz is not just a page in the FAMUAN.It is not an organization, group, or clique. The CreativeMindz is a movement to move the masses. It is an alternative to living life as a clone or a carbon copyof somebody else’s idea of what you should be.The CreativeMindz is an outlet. A hole in the wall that leads to reality;the reality of the soul. You see FAM, when people follow others and they don’t know why, they are actually sleepwalking. Asleep while walking through life.Eyes closed, mind closed, totally off course from their soul. Before I completely disappear over the horizonI want you to remember this: Image is nothing. Fads, political friendships, and physical beauty all melt away,but the soul is eternal. The real you is eternalSeek out the real you and I am sure that you will find happiness.You have all been my inspiration. I have enjoyed writing for you.I hope that it was not in vain. However, though the seasons may changethe sun always rises.I hope that you would support Michael Moore, Quess?, next yearthe way that you supported me with the CreativeMindz.As the sunsets on my day I see big things for the CreativeMindz.But I guess that is somebody else’s story, somebody else’s quest.Adieu, I will miss you all,but I must continue on my journey in pursuit of my soul.