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The Electoral

Commission, as a whole, is a mess. Problems seem to follow them before and after each campus election.

The FAMU Senate has voted to impeach Electoral Commissioner Tiffany Finch. After repeated absences from several scheduled meetings, more than half of the senate voted for her arraignment.

Someone higher than the student body needs to take control of the election process.

The students who are placed in the Electoral Commission have faltered in their duties.

Until they show better responsibility for their jobs, there needs to be more supervision before any more damage is done to the electoral process.

Finch was expected to answer questions from the senate and provide recommendations for improving the electoral codes next year. She repeatedly missed these meetings, though it is imperative that this subject be addressed. It’s been avoided long enough.

After numerous electoral code violations, including precincts opening late and campaign materials inside precincts, it became evident there was a problem with the electoral process.

Money is also becoming a pressing issue with the commission. Finch has shown a lax attitude in continuing her duties as electoral commissioner. But she’s definitely shown eagerness in receiving payment for a job she has neglected.

In March, the Student Supreme Court ruled to hold Finch’s salary after names were placed out of order on the ballot for electoral commissioner. The error was suspected of altering the outcome of the election.

Finch was still paid despite the vote to hold her salary. According to Chief Justice Nailah Rogers, it would be illegal to hold SGA members’ pay.

Senior Senator John Lee said it perfectly, “You can’t make her (Finch) come. The only power you have is her pay.”

Students shouldn’t seek a position simply for the perks or the pay.

However, it seems the financial benefits of holding office are taking precedence over service.

Though the electoral commission does have an adviser, there needs to be more supervision over elections. Finch’s tenure is almost over, but Mike Lipford is assuming office next semester.

No doubt the same problems that are taking place now will occur next year. Before that happens, FAMU administration should place stronger advisement over the members of the electoral commission.

There are probable candidates who could be in office but aren’t due to mistakes made by student’s currently in office.

These are the same students who care less about the financial benefits, less about the popularity and more about bettering FAMU.

-Antione Davis for the Editorial Board.