Virtue in a woman is rare but genuine

The book of Proverbs asks: “Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.”There are countless multifaceted women in the world, but a virtuous woman excels them all. What distinguishes a virtuous woman from all others is her impeccable character and moral excellence. A virtuous woman is discreet, showing impudence and restraint, clothed in modest apparel. Her beauty is not based on external splendor but an inner attractiveness radiates through her conduct and lifestyle. You will not discover her within the four walls of a dance club, arrayed in tube tops or go-go shorts. She is fearfully and wonderfully made, but she recognizes her true glory is veiled from the eyes of men. A beautiful woman who has no discretion can be likened unto a swine who has earrings attached to his nose. When she opens her mouth, her words are filled with wisdom. On her tongue abides kindness. She is confident and secure in whom she has been created to be and become. She is not in search of validation from peers, position, or a plateau of recognition that is based on accomplished goals. She is focused and filled with purpose that enables her to soar above all opposition and adversity. When a woman is not cognizant of her worth the door to deception is opened, which may result in mental, physical or spiritual destruction. In life we may encounter painstaking evens, which cause us to feel as though we’ve dropped below sea level. We become the oyster dwelling at the bottom of life’s ocean floor. The oyster is pushed around sea creatures, thrown to the sides by deep-sea divers, or crushed by submarines. What’s so amazing about the oyster is despite its unappealing outward appearance; underneath its rough exterior rests a pearl of great worth. This treasure is concealed to the undiscerning and casual glance. When you discover the unique beauty that you possess, so shall all that behold you.

Kristie Kennedy, 27, a graduate with a degree in criminology, hails from Sarasota. She can be reached at