‘Blade II’ proves to be sequel comparable to first

For everyone that hates a sequel that isn’t as good as the first one, don’t worry. “Blade II” won’t let you down.

“Blade II ” picks up in the Czech Republic two years after the first one left off.

Blade (Wesley Snipes) – half-man, half-vampire – is looking for his friend, Whistler (Kris Kristofferson), who was bitten by vampires at the end of the first movie.

A group of vampires has been keeping Whistler barley alive and feeding off of his blood.

Blade kills a few vampires, rescues Whistler and cures him of his vampiric state. Later on, vampires break into Blade’s “bat cave” to deliver a message to him.

It turns out that the vampires need Blade’s help to fight a new enemy, the Reapers, who are creatures that feed off vampires.

Blade decides to help them and teams up with a group called the Bloodpack, a group of vampire assassins that were originally assembled to kill Blade.

The two join forces and go through the rest of the movie fighting the Reapers.

Members of the Bloodpack are not too happy to be working with Blade and the tension between them is good, especially with Blade’s eventual love interest, Nyssa (Leonor Varela).

The fighting scenes are fast and well choreographed, and the special effects are amazing.

For an action movie, the story was good, with plenty of plot twists and surprises.

Although this is a sequel there is also a whole new story.

People who have not seen the original film will still be able to follow along.

As with all sequels, comparisons to the original movie are inevitable, and “Blade II” measures up pretty well.

The enemies are not as complex, but the plot is a little more developed.

The fighting scenes are just as good and the movie. Those who enjoyed the original will like “Blade II” just as well.