Sister Green’s respect for Bush

From my viewpoint,it is mind boggling sometimes how our good nature as African people can override our need to do what is good for us as African people. It is good for us to reject those who reject us. Bush has put the livelihood of millions of Africans in Florida in “his” hands with One Florida. It is in his (the governor) hands whether or not FAMU could intently focus on African students for the most part. We must tell him what we want, or he does not represent us. Remember, we did not vote on it. He did not give us back our Law School. Our law school was operating when the state seized it. FSU has our “Law School”. Ours was the only one in town. He should have seized FSU’s law school, let us move in, and made FSU law school in central Florida. That is justice and respect. Why should we have to finance the building of our “returned” law school? That is disrespectful.

As far as the bombing goes, don’t believe the hype, the whole story is shady at best. FAMU students must be the warriors that our administrators cannot be, for obvious reasons. To say that self respect in the midst of a struggle is disrespectful is a definite, sure-fire losing strategy. We must win the struggle, therefore we must respect ourselves over our opposition. And turning around is not childish in American politics, it is how laws get defeated in the House and Senate. Filibustering is a political weapon in American government, and it is deemed as civilized and democratic. Why not turn our chairs? Maybe somebody should just read a book for an hour thus keeping him from speaking. Either way he is getting no respect here!