William Howard

The FAMUans protesting Jeb Bush’s speaking at FAMU graduation are motivated by politics and personal agendas, not the facts or FAMU’s true history. Many FAMUans opposed One Florida, true. But One Florida has no effect on FAMU; because blacks don’t need racial preferences to get into a BLACK UNIVERSITY. (Fred Humphries supported One Florida). Also, One Florida thwarted Ward Connerly’s constitutional amendment, which would have been much worse. It might have forced the state to close FAMU!

You blame Bush for the law school being in Orlando instead of Tallahassee? Why not blame the Democrats for giving FSU our law school in the first place? Or our Program in Medical Sciences, which is now FSU Medical School? Or for allowing FAMU Engineering School to become FAMU/FSU (in truth FSU) engineering school? Had it not been for Jeb Bush FAMU would not have a law school AT ALL. FAMU had been fighting to get the law school back for nearly 30 years, and the Democrats always refused.

Some blame Bush for FAMU’s being a Tier Three institution. This was done to FAMU by a previous Democratic administration; why blame Bush for what the Democrats did?

What about giving Bush CREDIT for the funding increases and new programs that FAMU received under his tenure? Do you think FAMU would have that new science building or would be adding to the pharmacy, journalism, business, or architecture schools if Bush were against it?

And Bush replaced the anti – FAMU Regents with a Board of Trustees, which includes Andrew Gillum. I didn’t see Andrew Gillum refusing his appointment to the FAMU Board of Trustees, and I don’t see him resigning in protest.

How can you oppose Jeb Bush for “mistreating” FAMU for four years when the Democrats have mistreated FAMU since it was founded?