Women should support their men

I wanted to respond to the Woman’ Worth column by Ms. Daniels. For the most part, I agreed with her. However, I do believe that we should support our black men without pressing too hard on them. These are the same men who have so much weight on their shoulders from the world. The last thing that they need is black women bearing down on them. We are the ones that are supposed to nurture them. Notice I said nurture, not cater! Imagine if you had to deal with someone stereotyping you, downplaying your talent, looking at you differently all day, then go home to a woman who was nagging you. If all women felt the same way as Ms. Daniels, most men would rather deal with the trials of the world rather than the women in their lives. The Bible even says that a man’s worst enemy is in his home. Even though this may be true, we should not just assume this role by putting our feet in black men’s behind as Ms. Daniels put it. Why would you worry a black man with more things after he has to deal with this world we reside in. That helps no one!

Naomi Frazier, 20, is a junior pharmacy student from Chicago. She can be reached at nfrazier82@hotmail.com.