Dead Presidents & the Enslaved part 2

With the faces of slave mastersthat “gang-green” takesour lost seeds, andthose who can’t see thatits beauty is really pestilencestealing African identity.Causing jealousy,selfishness and greed.Shown in symptoms of materialism, whiledistorting truth by robbing wisdom.Bringing souls to its knees.

Without nourishment even the soul becomes weakand fades away.Leaving bodies,walking corpseswith no purposebut to stack more G’s.”Gang-green” has so many black peopleshackled with invisible chainsleading them into slavery-like Zombies.

We should not acceptslave master’s1 reality on city streets.We should fight backagainst media imageryof our people preaching that our true wealthlies in “gang green.”We should wake upand place dead presidents in their grave.We should break the chains that keep us enslaved.