Window Cleaning

Life, outside my windowIs Yesterday’s newsColored by mind’s paintMiles’ “Flamenco Sketches”Yesterday’s bluesBlown for a foolIn Heart’s Yesterday’s hues

Life outside, my windowRelives a tearless painColored, red, bloods vain descriptionTearless rejectionNo hope of resurrectionBlown pains, so painfulYet, playful destination

To wonder

At just what wonders, whishes whyTo hold, to thoughts so colorfulScenes of an opaque good-bye

Please dress this mess, in a lessons vestAnd if you’d be so kindBless this mess, with hypocrisy’s testPerhapsIt is there that I may find…

My smile again

A smile, pure, once the blue has goneTo thinkI thought that I had wonAwareMy prayer, now to hear the newsThat life outside my, windowBlows blue, so true


The Bluest of Blue