Why Me?

I arise in the morning with questions on my mindWhy when troubles seem to follow, I’m the one it findsAt birth, my presence alone brought heart-ache and painNot knowing that through childhood, I would have moreto lose and nothing to gainA grandmother, whom no one could replace the thingsthat she didA father that would never take responsibility, andswitch out on his kidsNot knowing that at such a young age I would have totake on a fatherly roleNo child of my own mind you, but to watchful over mybrother and sister as I was toldI often wondered why the thief would come to my houseand not destroy the home next doorDoes the Lord feel my pain or hear my cry as hewatches me fall to the floor?Under the weight of it all I fall because the pain is to much to bearA heavy heart that often parts because no one even caresIf you can look and see your life through me….you see why we ask the question, “Oh Lord, WHY ME”?!