THER.I.P.Y has just enough flavor for everyone

For all of you who have been ‘Outkasted,’ or love the soulful music of groups like Goodie Mob, prepare for a little bit of THER.I.P.Y. The hottest new rap group out of Albany, Ga., is here in Tallahassee and is taking the dirty South ‘Off the Rip.’

The talented young rap duo of Paul D and Ken Joe is on the rise. Their new album is a melting pot of hip-hop, R&B, and gospel. But don’t let that fool you, this is not Kirk Franklin and the Family, this is rap music at its creative peak.

The dynamic duo has known each other since high school, and are both attending school in Tallahassee. Paul D attends FSU. Ken Joe is not only a fellow Rattler, but also marches in the Marching 100.

Their chemistry together definitely shows. They’ve developed some of the hottest and most creative beats, lyrics and subject matter for their debut

Paul D the front man describes THER.I.P.Y.’s sound as “Southern hard hitting soul.” And with tracks like “Raw Booty Girl,” “Mr. Boo-boo,” and “Who got Rims” it’s not hard to understand why.

“Raw Booty Girl” is the first single off the album. It is dedicated to girls who club too much and is currently in rotation on 90.5 WANM-FM.

“Ms. Boo Boo” is a hilarious track about girls who are full of themselves. This song is a good showcase of the duos lyrical talent.

Paul D’s style sounds like a mix between a member of Bone-Thugs in Harmony and Andre of Outkast. He does most of the rapping on the album. While Ken Joe, is responsible for the production as well as the beats and arrangements.

“Off the Rip” is a tight album that fuses raw beats with hard-hitting lyrics. The album focuses on everything from the shake it fast lifestyle of club-hoppers to the dirty South thugs.

There is a little something for everybody on this album. Unfortunately, the group tried so hard to squeeze in something for everyone that there isn’t enough of one style on to keep you jumping.

The duo is currently in the studio fixing up a batch of some more Southern funk. Let’s hope they don’t add too many different spices.