Political activisim entices students

Since Kwame Kilpatrick, a FAMU graduate, became mayor of Detroit professors and students are emphasizing student involvement in city politics. Though Kilpatrick is mayor of a major city, it should not deter students from vying for political positions in their community. Students should never just stop at the glass ceiling. They should never settle for a student campaign when they could help more people by campaigning for a citywide position.

At a recent Political Organizations Committee meeting, the topic focused around students becoming more involved in the political process. One of the main points of the meeting was that students should not be involved only as voters, but as potential policy makers, as well.

Tallahassee has been labeled a “college town” for years, it makes no sense for students not to have a political voice here.

“Students comprise a substantial amount of this city’s population, therefore, adequate student representation in local government would help a great deal in getting their concerns addressed,” said Karamo Brown, a 21 year-old political science student from Houston.

Brown is planning to campaign for a seat on the city commission, and will file for candidacy later this month. Political science professor Bill Proctor is trying to lead the way for the POC to get students more involved in city politics.

That seems to be much of the problem. Students frequently voice their opinion of FAMU and Tallahassee, yet when it comes down to acting on those issues, nothing is done.

There are things a student in a city position can do that one in a campus position cannot. Brown plans on bringing commercial restaurant service to FAMU’s campus, and addressing Tallahassee’s homeless community.

True enough, Kilpatrick’s victory of becoming mayor was a big step for FAMU and African American’s in general. However, we cannot sit back and think his victory was enough. Students can become involved in the process as well. Kilpatrick is the youngest mayor in Detroit’s history. Obviously, age is not a factor. So, FAMU students should use the things they know to better FAMU and Tallahassee.

-Antione Davis for the Editorial Board.