Women can get along despite the rumors

I read an article that discussed the female/female relationships among black women. There was some truth in the article, but then again there were a lot of generalizations. Like when the author described females as being “needy, clingy, over emotional cowards.” Come on, all women aren’t like that.

All of these factors depend on the woman and the circumstances that make her who she is. So if that’s the case, don’t blame the female because of the way she was raised.

Also, it was weird to read a female saying she hates females. Women do not need to tear their gender down.

I want to know who made this rule that says black women can’t get along. I think its origin can be attributed to the attitude some of us give off.

There are females out there that are real women and can conduct themselves as such.

Yes, it’s true a person will lie to save him or herself, but that is a gender-neutral quality.

Men will do the same thing as a woman and just not endure at times the same ramifications. Chalk it up to it human nature and not because of sex.

I believe women – black, white or otherwise – can get along and be civil toward one another. It just depends on the women and their state of mind.

There are a lot of females out there that say, “I’m a woman.” But honey, just because you can fit in women’s clothes doesn’t make you a woman!

Roclande’ White, 21, is a senior English education student from Dayton, Ohio.