American Inspired Scenes of Poetry

Cheerleaders with tears in their eyes… tears of joy… -Marcus Allen

American inspired scenes of poetryWesternized NegroesWhy, Negro in and of itself is 100% AmericanLike All-American OJLike All-American high school next Michael Jordan to befrom any ghetto, USA sign to the leaguebefore he can even sign his own checks

No Respect-

for westernized Negroes – excuse meAfricans westernized into NegroesNo they are not heroesMore like prize trophies, mules or farm animals ofsome kindPaying homage to some kind of perverted populaceaddicted to their romantic antiques

Quite reminiscent of Rome’s Antiques

Like so many Gladiators led to the slaughterSo many black athletes led down the pipe dream of”success”For every Muhammad Ali … Warrick DunnHow many more become OJ’s, Pernell Whitakers,Michael Irvin’s, Mike Tyson’s…Black men are easy to buyWe love platinum and p**sy…And the crowd roars on…

Dance Men Dance, Juke Man Juke, Juke Man Swerve,pluck that crowds nerve, Strum their emotions,Play ’em like a guitar… make music out thereMan the way you move, that’s got to be poetry in motion.I mean that has got to be exactly what it looks like when poetry moves!

… And the white girls eyes filled up with tears…tears of joy…