FAMU’s Royal Court: To wed or not? to wed

I attended a recent Town Hall meeting, where the topic of discussion was whether or not Mr. and Miss FAMU should be married. (Not necessarily to each other, but to another person.) Despite all of the good arguments against the idea of a married Mr. or Miss. FAMU, my mind was still set.

The fact of the matter is we are now in college and high school is over.

College is not just for 18-year-old, single freshmen or 22-year-old, single seniors.

FAMU is filled with people who are at different stages in life. There are married people, single people, homosexual people, etc. These people pay just as much tuition and deserve the right to enjoy their college experience as much as we do.

The argument presented was that Mr. and Miss FAMU already have to many responsibilities without also having to deal with family life

Who are we to decide if he or she is capable of handling all the responsibilities of the position, their schoolwork and their family?

Some of the tedious duties of Mr. and Miss FAMU are to be present whenever they are called (even if they are given short notice), speak at any given event, spend days at a time on the road, etc.

If they and their spouse talk it over and feel that it is possible, then I say, “Let him or her run for the position.”

A person cannot be discriminated on because of race, religion or marital status.

This means that if FAMU does not change, they are open to all kinds of lawsuits.

I don’t know about you, but I know it is already hard for me to get financial aid, receive my net check on time, and to have toilet paper in the dorm bathrooms.

With problems like these, FAMU does not need any kind of lawsuit that requires money to be distributed elsewhere than back here!

Another argument presented was that when it was time to recruit, the parents of high school students would not accept a married Mr. or Miss FAMU and would not allow their child to attend this college.

This idea to me was ridiculous.

If parents feel this way, then what are they going to think when their child enters college and there are married people surrounding them on a daily basis.

FAMU’s student body is a melting pot of different races, age groups, and different styles of life, and the ‘Mr. or Miss FAMU’, married or single, should reflect that.

Crystal Mitchell, 18, is a freshmen graphic design major from Orange Park.

She can be reached at IsrylDaChosen1@aol.com