My Reflection (Alkebu-Lan)

My WisdomI am your Understanding.Beautiful black skin,brown skin,and sometimes tan.Beautiful black woman;my reflectionóI place my heart in your hands.Give me yours and I will take itgrasping it gently.With you in my arms and I in yours,we stand on Godís shouldersó and find destiny.

As one we will awaken a dreamthat transcends fantasy,and breathes truth like fireto burn this worldís nightmarish realityÃtil it lays in ashes under our feet.

Our souls will grow together Ãtil they melt into one and glow bright.Unbelieving eyes will try in vain to block out our light,which shines like the Alkebu-Lan Sun;over the Caribbean,New York City,Down South,and over Cali.It will shine over China,Europe,The Middle East,and right back to Africa,once called Alkebu-Lan where our life and love began.It is here that we will stand,if only in spirit.Here I will kiss youand embrace your lips.It is here that I will love youas its sun reflects on our skin.

By Stephan N. Lowman