Hail Rashad the Benevolent

I was born in an ocean as

molecules of hydrogen and carbon

then became a thick mist

spread thinly over a great distance

I am the story of poverty,

never meant to make it out of

those ghetto streets

never meant to be of value

to a world that makes little black boys

step children without a cause

I became the artist of

diction, sight, and sound,

following in the footsteps of my

disgruntled father

I leaped, in a single bound, hurdles

of heartache, death, and flying fist

to land in the midst of

God Almighty

I am today, what I was yesterday

and tomorrow.

I am to organize masses

I am to inspire

I am to die lonely and misunderstood

But I am to have left behind

the ultimate legacy:

the legacy of new life.