360 Degrees

Look at me, what do see?

you see 360 degreez!

A complete circle of a complete woman!

Not dressed in the latest fashion but

In the newest form of thought.

Surrounded by love and guided by He above.

Brown eyes brown skin,

but my true beauty lies within!

360 degreez is what defines me!

I am she! I am a queen.

Full of grace. I know my place.

I am strong

and my emotions run deep and long.

I am the cipher. I am the sun.

I am spring, I am the sunset,

and I am a new day begun.

I am the scent that causes your heart to cease.

I am the air that allows you to breath.

I am a mother, I am a lover, and I am a friend.

I am the ocean and the sea.

I am I. so do you think

your soul can handle 360 degreez…..