Race should be considered in dating

I felt it was my responsibility to respond to the young man who felt that we should be free to date whomever we chose, regardless of race.

This is America and we all know that race definitely matters.

I get angry and annoyed when I see a black man and a white woman together. Not because I am jealous, but because I wonder why he is with her.

I think, “Is he with her because he genuinely loves her or because he can get something from her that he cannot get from a black woman or finds her more attractive than a sister?”

Too many black men allow themselves to get caught up in white people’s definition of what is desirable.

I also wonder if the allure of white women is that not long ago, miscegenation was outlawed and now our men are attempting to flaunt the fact that they can now date white women without fear of persecution or death.

Are sisters not attractive enough?

Black people have been brainwashed for years and we are inundated with images of beauty that do not reflect us, i.e. long straight hair, light eyes, light skin, etc and we incorporate that into the way we think. We let society dictate to us what is beautiful without looking within ourselves and finding our own definition of beauty.

If you do fall in love with someone outside of your race, be mindful of the reasons that you chose this particular person.

Make sure that if is not for superficial ones, and you truly love and respect them. But be aware of the tribulations that you will invariably face in your relationship.

Danielle L. Robinson, junior business management student from Manhattan, NY.